Services that we can help you with

Genuine Management Group ia s Certified General contractor CGC1522424, and Electrical Contractor EC13010895 in the state of florida inaddition we are a nationwide deployment and construction management service provider

Technology and Network Strategy Review

the only constant in technology and telecom is changing, so evaluating new technologies that might provide higher efficiency and cost savings is an important task

Project Management

get the right things done right and on-time. New installations, co-locations, indoor, outdoor, cellular, Wi-Fi, 5G, and IoT

Network and Services Expense Management

review network elements, circuits, and services for price changes due to new promotions, services or technologies to ensure the best price through the changes


Products and Services Request for Proposal Management

Contract Negotiation

The main goal of contract negotiations is to best serve your bessiness needs with the rights and obligations assigned to you


review ongoing paid services to identify billing errors, unused services, and address refunds or credits due from suppliers